[poor audio]
Amogha: Yes. Easy Journey, Topmost Yoga, Back to Godhead.
Prabhupāda: Kṛṣṇa trilogy, you have got?
Amogha: I have volume 1 and volume 3, but my volume 2, they are all finished. But I've ordered them from Karāndhara.
[pause] [break]
[on walk]
Prabhupāda: He doesn't want any improvement. He wants to keep it as a... Just like professional church, temple.
Amogha: They're more attached to the external form that they already have.
Prabhupāda: No, no, that is which we call Churchianity. Not Christianity, but Churchianity.
Amogha: Churchianity. [laughs]
Devotee (2): Also, he may lose his position, because he has no knowledge of [indistinct].
Prabhupāda: That is going on everywhere. These our Indian people, they're not interested in God. They're interested in āśīrvāda, some blessing, so that they can make improvement in their material position.
Amogha: Yes.
Prabhupāda: So therefore these rascals come, they give them āśīrvāda, I give them, "I am so powerful, I give you asirvada," and they give them money, "Oh, here is a sādhu." They'll get āśīrvāda very cheaply, and make money. Instead of two lakhs, I'll make ten lakhs by the āśīrvāda.
And he's Sai Baba, like rogues, they come to show them some magic, that "I have got some power. I can do anything I like. And if you become my devotee, you will improve." All these yogīs, everything, they do like that. Mahesh Yogi also = "Take my mantra. Within six months you become perfect man, and whatever you like, you can do."
Devotee (3): Ha, ha. No restrictions.
Prabhupāda: No. There is business only. Why there should be restriction? Everyone does so, beginning from Vivekananda, Aurobindo, everyone. Aurobindo also used to say that "You haven't got to do anything; you simply think of me," just like Kṛṣṇa says = "Simply think of Me." [noise of close traffic] ...walk in the street. Just go on that side.
Amogha: Cross to that side.
Devotee (3): One man came here, a haṭha-yogī, so-called haṭha-yogī, and he was putting water in his nose and cloth in his stomach and all twisting this way, going underwater, and they were all very amazed, and many people came to see. Just like the circus.
Prabhupāda: Yes. And then they will say, "I will make you a perfect man. Whatever you like you can... You become my disciple, give me some money."
Devotee (3): And enjoy.
Prabhupāda: There is a proverb that "A drowning man catches even the straw." A man is drowning, he's seeing the straw is floating, he wants to catch it. So in the Western countries, they are so much fed up with this materialistic way of life that any person from India comes, they think he may give something spiritual.
Devotee (3): Hmm.
Prabhupāda: Light. Catch it. But what... Why did you not have tilaka, both of you? You have no time for tilaka?
Devotee (3): Our tilaka was locked in the bathroom. The door got locked.
Prabhupāda: Tilaka, why it is locked in bathroom?
Devotee (3): Somehow the door became locked from inside this morning. I don't know how, but we couldn't go inside.
Prabhupāda: You don't get him my tilaka? All right. What is this?
Devotee (3): This is called Jakarta Fair, International Fair for business trade. Once a year they come from all over the world and...
Prabhupāda: This side is better than the other side.
Devotee (2): They are sleeping on the street. [break]
Devotee (3): ...things like this. They want to be glorious, to get what they call national spirit, nationalism. Everybody is eager to improve the country.
Prabhupāda: So why do they not back this Kṛṣṇa consciousness? There is a first-class nation.
Devotee (3): Yes, but they don't know.
Prabhupāda: Inform them = "Take this Kṛṣṇa consciousness philosophy. Your nationality will be first class."
[break] ...your nation, America. If they take it, everyone will take it. [break] Gambling.
Devotee (3): Probably gambling, lottery.
[break] That Japanese man who you asked to come today, he reads Mandarin, Chinese. I gave him our Mandarin Chinese Back to Godhead to read yesterday.
Prabhupāda: Mandarin?
Devotee (3): Yes.
Prabhupāda: How you are Mandarin?
Devotee (3): Chinese, from Hong Kong.
Prabhupāda: This side they are making like Calcutta Esplanade. You [indistinct], Calcutta? Victoria Memorial, you don't remember?
Devotee (2): I've only been three days here, Śrīla Prabhupāda, before we left India.
Prabhupāda: Oh. You were mostly in Bombay.
Devotee (2): Yes. [break]
Devotee (3): Yes. Mata means "eye," and they use hari to mean "day." Hari means "day" here, and "eye" is mata, so they say it's the eye of day.
Prabhupāda: There is Sanskrit words like that. Divākara. Divākara, sun's name, divākara. Divā means day, and kara means manufacturer. Divākara, "manufacturer of day," another name of sun. Cross here?
Devotee (3): Yes.
Devotee: [indistinct]
Devotee (3): That's all right. We'll watch. No problem.
[devotee tests microphone] [break]
Prabhupāda: It is our car. [break]
[in car:]
Śikhā should be knotted, not to keep loose. [end]