[Poor audio]
Guru dāsa: [indistinct] was that there discussion important?
Prabhupāda: Very important.
Guru dāsa: Section of Bhāgavata was it there[?]. [break]
Prabhupāda: ..that is the whole [indistinct] of Bhāgavata. Bhāgavata never becomes old, nityaṁ bhāgavata-sevayā [SB 1.2.18] [indistinct] [break]
Guru dāsa: [indistinct] ... companion of the first three chapters is it not? The second question...
Prabhupāda: So you’re going Agra?
Guru dāsa: No.
Prabhupāda: When Dr. Kapoor phones...
Guru dāsa: Hm.
Prabhupāda: ...tomorrow at 1 o’clock in the temple room.
Guru dāsa: So he is coming here.
Prabhupāda: Here, sitting here sit down. Come here... [break] what is the position of that palace? Any word from them?
Acyutānanda: I think...
Prabhupāda: Ah.
Acyutānanda: Of course the king is the king [indistinct].
Prabhupāda: [indistinct]
Acyutānanda: ...but he is very very generous.
Prabhupāda: Flatter him. [indistinct] flatter him. [indistinct]
Acyutānanda: Next time.
Prabhupāda: [indistinct]
Acyutānanda: So but it’s a Trust, his all the properties now are now in the name of a Trust. The other members of the trust would like some. Someone has told us that to give them they mentioned something sometimes 15,000 and sometimes 25,000.
Prabhupāda: [indistinct]
Acyutānanda: But its not clear whether that would be the whole amount of money that will have to happen I think that if you give them some money to satisfy them [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: [indistinct] can pay very much [indistinct]
Devotee: Yes.
Prabhupāda: Yes [indistinct] decorate the deities [indistinct] the temples or [indistinct] I have got [indistinct] to make first-class exhibition it’s already there. I have to take care of that, we shall paint very nicely [indistinct] very attractive painting [indistinct] to decorate. So [indistinct] if they want something [indistinct] 50,000, 70,000 then [indistinct] you can pay it. [indistinct]
Devotee: They also want two or three rooms in the temple.
Prabhupāda: Oh no that cannot do. We welcome but you cannot usurp.
Guru dāsa: He said that when he is not there we can use this, those rooms.
Prabhupāda: Yes.
Guru dāsa: But [indistinct] he wont.
Prabhupāda: But one thing is that clearly [indistinct] deserve? That is not [indistinct] at all.
Acyutānanda: You mean that [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: [indistinct]
Acyutānanda: [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: Eh?
Acyutānanda: [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: You can accommodate there but with a little gravity. That is not clearly [indistinct].
Acyutānanda: [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: Eh?
Acyutānanda: [indistinct] room this land and [indistinct] for us.
Prabhupāda: We can accommodate them but he gives us donation.
Acyutānanda: [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: .. And to satisfy the [indistinct] you cannot [indistinct].
Acyutānanda: Yes.
Prabhupāda: This is inevitable. Now we can now... Whenever he comes we can provide four rooms, whenever he comes, this much [indistinct] but if we have allocated this four rooms [indistinct] always reserved for rooms.
Acyutānanda: We can use them [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: Ah.
Guru dāsa: Whenever you come when you have left?
Prabhupāda: Yes.
Guru dāsa: Whenever [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: We shall pay. Whenever they come we shall have good facilities [indistinct] then if they decide then we can make additions and alterations that’s our program. So we better not spend so much money there...
Devotee: [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: [indistinct] residential quarters [indistinct] immediately decorate [indistinct] with a nice garden. [indistinct]
Devotee: [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: [indistinct] and for our devotee’s [indistinct]
Guru dāsa: [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: If they somehow or other [indistinct] that [indistinct] Mahārāja has come [indistinct] acknowledged [indistinct]
Guru dāsa: Would it be [indistinct]?
Prabhupāda: If he wants to go to London we have there. Got now residential building, everywhere he wants to go. [indistinct] foreign country. Los Angeles, New York, in Dallas. Oh Dallas we have got [indistinct] better than Los Angeles. You have not seen. [indistinct] [laughs] You have not seen house [indistinct] [laughs]
Guru dāsa: Wouldn’t it be better with 26 2nd Ave. These lectures give me a feeling of those days.
Prabhupāda: Ah.
Guru dāsa: These lectures [indistinct] just yourself and devotees.
Prabhupāda: In the beginning they were the first students. Acyutānanda, Brahmānanda [indistinct] Hayagrīva, Kīrtanānanda, later on Bhavānanda. I think [indistinct].
Devotee: [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: Eh? Pradyumna was from the beginning?
Bhavananda: [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: Pradyumna [indistinct] And our Hansadutta.
Acyutānanda: When did Hayagrīva come? [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: Yes. He got a son.
Guru dāsa: Samba [indistinct] If the King travels to London he will want some spending money there.
Prabhupāda: [indistinct] spending money? [indistinct] he can spend [indistinct] whatever he likes. You cannot give him [indistinct] this is not possible.
Guru dāsa: If that is what he wants.
Prabhupāda: That [indistinct] otherwise [indistinct] meat eating and drinking and gambling with a few lakhs then he can go to some hotel. [indistinct] temple [indistinct]
Guru dāsa: He once [indistinct] mentioned [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: Eh?
Guru dāsa: Once he had mentioned that he wants to help him opening a foreign bank account.
Prabhupāda: Immediately we shall help, immediately.
Guru dāsa: But then he may want some contribution from our side for his palace? If he asks what should we offer?
Prabhupāda: Minimum because we have to spend so much.
Guru dāsa: Yes.
Prabhupāda: [indistinct] but whatever he asks I can pay. Nominal.
Guru dāsa: Because his nominal, he mentioned nominal 25 lakhs at one time. So what do [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: That we need direction. Immediately [indistinct] So what is your idea?
Acyutānanda: Idea of [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: Eh?
Acyutānanda: Or [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: [indistinct]
Acyutānanda: Well 25,000 [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: If you want that you can give him $2,500. Immediately in any foreign country, either in England or New York or anywhere. I shall immediately send [indistinct] that will be very nice immediately we can open an account. [indistinct] ...bank balance then there will be no difficulty of [indistinct]
Guru dāsa: Yes.
Acyutānanda: A round trip ticket to America costs $1100. [break]
Prabhupāda: I’ll take care of that, first of all take care of this. He can be educated if he likes otherwise he can remain in London or he can remain in New York or in London village. Any big city [indistinct] there will be no charge for his boarding and lodging. Everything will be free and if he wants to be educated that also we can arrange.
Acyutānanda: The Mahārāja would like [indistinct] religious.
Prabhupāda: Ah.
Prabhupāda: He was trained up [indistinct] If he is prepared [indistinct] going there. He will be trained up. Eh? We can teach him Sanskrit also. In Dallas [indistinct] Sanskrit. [indistinct] what is the age of the boy?
Devotee: [indistinct] 17?
Prabhupāda: Then we can teach him Sanskrit and English. So let him donate without [indistinct] and we will take care of it. Let us make our programme nicely, we shall welcome him.
Devotee: I would like to.. When we go up to Māyāpura [indistinct] I would like to ask the Mahārāja to come and see you [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: That would be very nice.
Devotee: I don’t think that you should [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: That we don’t know [break]. So instead of going to Agra you can go to Haripur.
Guru dāsa: I go on the 18th, departure.
Prabhupāda: [indistinct].
Devotee: The car is expected.
Acyutānanda: The car is expected and if it doesn’t come then I will not be able to go to Broadwood[?] until after Delhi because the [indistinct] is not [indistinct]. This is the difficulty.
Prabhupāda: Their name, fame, tradition will remain the same.
Guru dāsa: We’ve been through that thing he said I am not interested.
Acyutānanda: He said he wanted money.
Guru dāsa: Yes. His son and his money.
Prabhupāda: Let him take care of his son. [indistinct] take Rs.10,000 if he wants.
Acyutānanda: [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: Oh.
Devotee: [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: [indistinct] this mṛdaṅga is very nicely done.
Devotee: Oh they are from Calcutta.
Prabhupāda: Wherefrom?
Devotee: Dinanatha. [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: What is the time?
Devotee: 10:30.
Prabhupāda: [break] [indistinct] then half a dozen [indistinct] [Hindi]
When I was living at that Keśī Ghat that [indistinct] settlement from that time I was looking.
Devotee: [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: No. [indistinct] I was appreciating [indistinct]
Guru dāsa: You were doing that then what is the future? What are you looking at now?
Prabhupāda: [indistinct] that house for 10,000, but at that time I had no money.
Guru dāsa: Inside it is nice.
Prabhupāda: Eh?
Guru dāsa: Inside it is nice. Gopal. But small.
Prabhupāda: Oh. If he agrees then you give him 10,000. [indistinct] no money. And we can decorate the garden very nicely.
Guru dāsa: The garden has more area than it appears from where we saw it.
Prabhupāda: Yes I can understand. The situation is very [indistinct]
[Hindi conversation] [break] father and mother. He has spring cleaned everything [Hindi conversation] jīva va maro va---those who are devotees for them death or life the same thing.
Acyutānanda: [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: Yes. [indistinct] now everyone is śūdra [laughs]
Devotee: [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: Yes. There is no discrimination. [Hindi conversation] [break]
Acyutānanda: [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: Ah. But they [indistinct]
Acyutānanda: Yes. [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: No just guess how many [indistinct]
Acyutānanda: [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: Eh? Then there will be a whole meeting
Acyutānanda: [indistinct conversation with Prabhupāda]
Prabhupāda: [Hindi conversation] Ah that’s nice [Hindi conversation] [break] All right [indistinct] Jaya. [break]
Guru dāsa: So?
Indian man: We can’t say anything openly even if they are convinced so we can say anything openly because he [indistinct] nobody can rest or say anything about it. Nobody can proof it.
Guru dāsa: But my point is that...
Prabhupāda: The government has a strong hand in that movement the pulse [indistinct] Very strong.
Acyutānanda: Very strong. Very strong.
Prabhupāda: But. That everyone.
Indian man: Everyone [indistinct] have you come in touch?
Prabhupāda: I have met one.
Acyutānanda: [indistinct]
Guru dāsa: [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: [indistinct] Cāṇakya Paṇḍita Eh? Avidyaṁ jīvanaṁśūnyaṁ diśaḥśūnyā abāndhavāḥ [indistinct] [Hindi conversation] it is said there in the Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam [indistinct] every alternate year [indistinct]
Acyutānanda: A front.
Prabhupāda: It becomes a front... But this Kṛṣṇa consciousness movement is the solution of all problems.
Acyutānanda: [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: For want of bhoktāram
bhoktāraṁ yajña-tapasāṁ
suhṛdaṁ sarva-bhūtānāṁ
[Bg. 5.29]
[break] Fully Kṛṣṇa conscious. [indistinct]
Acyutānanda: [indistinct] [break]
Prabhupāda: [Sounds like a tape playing]. As soon as one becomes [indistinct] no material possessions [indistinct] unless one is free from all material attachments one cannot [indistinct] niṣkiñcana [indistinct] material [indistinct] Caitanya Mahāprabhu also says [indistinct] niṣkiñcana [indistinct] Anyone who accepts only Kṛṣṇa as the supreme proprietor and enjoyer [indistinct] the material world is such that everyone is thinking that I am the enjoyer. So there is competition. [indistinct] working. Everyone is taking advantage of [indistinct] and everyone is [indistinct] everyone is trying to enjoy to his best capacity [indistinct] gopī-bhartuḥ pada-kamalayor dāsa-dāsānudāsaḥ [Padyāvalī 63] servant of the servant of the servant.
Guru dāsa: One or two [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: Eh? [break]
Acyutānanda: And they stayed in [indistinct] house.
Prabhupāda: [indistinct]
Indian man: [indistinct] [break] and immediately they began to talk to me [indistinct] and for three hours [indistinct] criticizing Māyāvād. [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: [indistinct]
Indian man: [indistinct] and a picture that he painted, a picture of the divine rasa the divine līlā [indistinct] not that I [indistinct].
Devotee (2): No.
Devotee: [indistinct] so I was going to go over there at night I didn’t have it with me. So Prabhupāda was afterwards suggesting and a few days later he was invited [indistinct] he was guest for 20 days. And there I found [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: [indistinct]
Devotee: Eh? No the [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: [indistinct] [break] [indistinct]
Indian man: [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: That’s Māyāvādī.
Indian man: Māyāvādī [indistinct] [laughs] strange experience.
Prabhupāda: You wrote your thesis on Caitanya?
Indian man: Yes. I wrote and then I came in contact with these people. [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: [indistinct]
Indian man: Yes.
’sādhu-saṅga’, ‘sādhu-saṅga’---sarva-śāstre kaya
lava-mātra sādhu-saṅge sarva-siddhi haya
[Cc. Madhya 22.54]
Indian man: [indistinct] Psychologist [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: Yes.
Indian man: [indistinct] psychologist.
Prabhupāda: They are also converted more than psychologist.
Indian man: More than that.
Guru dāsa: We were deceived by psychiatrists.
Indian man: [laughs]
Guru dāsa: There was one psychiatrist in London who was very well-known and he was coming to the temple. So then Prabhupāda came and I said to him, "you come now and see him." And he said to his wife, "I’m going to see my Caitanya."
Indian man: [laughs]
Prabhupāda: There is another kind of philosopher I forgot, there is a group in London. The head of that group.
Guru dāsa: Mensa.
Prabhupāda: Mensa.
Guru dāsa: [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: Eh?
Guru dāsa: [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: Ah. First of all one of their followers he talked with me and [indistinct] chief. I told them, "you are simply mental speculators."
Indian man: [laughs]
Prabhupāda: Mental speculators.
Devotee : [indistinct]
Indian man: [break] [indistinct] the bathroom floor. [laughs] [indistinct] [laughs] bathroom floor [laughs] [break]
Prabhupāda: Beginning from Socrates [indistinct] Plato and later on Darwin, Marx Freud like that.
Indian man: [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: Eh?
Indian man: [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: Yes.
Indian man: [indistinct]
Prabhupāda: I gathered that [indistinct]
Indian man: Ah.
Prabhupāda: [indistinct]
Devotee: Ah. [indistinct] they are taking me home now and I enjoyed my stay. [end]