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Chapter Four
The scientists’ knowledge is imperfect and therefore always changing, but Vedic knowledge is perfect At any rate, we cannot deviate from Vedic knowledge.” This kind of education has no value because they are forgetting the real point of education.” The modern meaning of education is rubbish, to learn ABCDE. This is not education. That is not education. Here is education....
Chapter Two
It requires some education and some understanding. That is the effect of bad education. That is not knowledge. Knowledge means factual.”  This is knowledge, real knowledge. “So where is this education all over the world? There is no such education. But there is knowledge.
Chapter Three
They do not know what is education. That is the first education, that ‘You rascal, you are not this body. You are within the body.’ But the real knowledge begins, ‘No, you are beyond this body.’ That is the beginning of knowledge.”  It is simply speculation on ignorance, and it has been taken as knowledge.
Chapter Two
That is real knowledge.”  Everyone should be inquisitive to know about the Absolute Truth, Brahman, but education is different In this way, we can make advancement in our spiritual education, and we must carry out the order of the And this might be appealing to some of the people with scientific education, because they are used to Sadāpūta made an interesting comment about the current state of affairs in education.
Chapter Twelve
In this way they will grow healthy, get a good education, and become men of good character. Transcendental knowledge, one should approach guru. So gurukula means ‘guru’s place.’ , or superior spiritual knowledge, like Śrīla Prabhupāda, must not have any quarrel.   “That is what I say, sir, that you must have the knowledge of car, and that knowledge of car is aparā-vidyā That is knowledge. Why do you say no?” Dr. Patel protested. 
07 : Contribution to Culture and Scholarship
All branches of education can make tremendous progress by taking direction from Śrīla Prabhupāda’s books scientific hypotheses, yet he was the greatest scientist because he knew the source of all scientific knowledge His first question was, “Where have you got so much vast knowledge?” I replied, “It is not my knowledge. It is Vyāsadeva’s knowledge.”
Chapter Five
Without any knowledge, like animals. You have to take care for their proper education, of their clothes. We say, ‘Never mind. So Bhāgavata, that is the limit of education. Bhāgavatam, he’s finished his education.”  He responded that the knowledge of any person on the path of knowledge who rejects the Personality of
Chapter Seven
Just like Maḍwaris, their education is up to their business understanding, that’s all. Prabhupāda explained that real knowledge is spiritual knowledge. Prabhupāda told him frankly, “The real education is life. “They have no knowledge. Because by birthright they have got the knowledge.” 
Chapter One
He said that the devotees are intelligent young men and women with good education, coming from respectable So that is real scientific knowledge. Dixon explained that he was thinking more in terms of general education for the young.   Prabhupāda, however, told him that real education means but three things: to teach a young man to see That knowledge of God, he explained, is Kṛṣṇa consciousness.
Chapter Three
When Kṛṣṇa takes charge of making you enlightened in knowledge, who can be better person of knowledge “Brāhmaṇas especially require education, Vedic literature. Kṣatriya also requires education. Others, they may not require education, only practical training. That is for want of knowledge.”  This is knowledge.”  
25 : Guru-Pūjā Meditation
We worship the guru because he gives us superior knowledge. Kṛṣṇa consciousness is divya-jñāna. It is not ordinary knowledge. Śrīla Prabhupāda, I know you are still with us, because you still reveal transcendental knowledge to (Told by Girirāja Swami) divya-jñāna hṛde prokāśito By his mercy, divine knowledge is revealed within never repay to his spiritual master the debt for having received even one syllable of transcendental knowledge
Chapter One
And what to speak of the knowledge of God, that is the ultimate knowledge. Now that knowledge is distributed. So every knowledge, you have to learn it from an expert. Guru means expert, heavy, whose knowledge is heavier than your scanty knowledge. One who has got culture and education, he can be accepted.”  That is Kṛṣṇa consciousness education.