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Chapter Six
cheered, “Jaya! Haribol!”  * * *  The verse for class described Lord Yamarāja as omniscient. He resides Bombay, Haridāsa, had gone to Moscow and was chanting in the street. When he was asked what he was doing good-humored sarcasm, “Mmm. Hari-śauri’s defect is he cannot cook. Otherwise, he is your duplicate
Chapter Seven
gathered. As soon they saw Śrīla Prabhupāda they cheered, “Jaya Prabhupāda! Haribol!” There were anyone remember? Yatra yogeśvaro hariḥ?”  One of the Indian devotees quoted the full śloka: yatra api sunīcena taror api sahiṣṇunā/ amāninā māna-dena kīrtanīyaḥ sadā hariḥ. So who is treating me Prabhupāda, Haribol!”  This Indian devotee had another doubt. “Prabhupāda, a devotee, very often
virtuous men and women.  The writer of the present volume, Śrī Hari-Śauri dāsa is one of those arguing with gentle but forceful persuasions. Thanks to Śrī Hari-Śauri dāsa, Swami Prabhupāda’s magic , and unusually ethical mind. On these pages Śrī Hari-Śauri dāsa reminds us that the great Swami does living, and where worldly success and joy become meaningless.  Śrī Hari-Śauri dāsa often combines after they have read a few chapters of Śrī Hari-Śauri dāsa’s present work, since here a quotation or a
Chapter One
, detailed report from Harikeśa Swami on the preaching in eastern Europe. At the time of writing, June supreme servitor of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.”  Harikeśa, accompanied by Sumahat dāsa, has also actively preaching behind the Iron Curtain.  Harikeśa expects their team to be in Poland until . Harikeśa heard this from some people in Zagreb. Also, while in Zagreb Sumahat lost his passport, obliging scarce.  Harikeśa mentioned that his health is still quite bad. He has not recovered since he left our
Chapter Three
the possibility of Harikeśa Swami rejoining the party. He is preaching in eastern Europe, but recent , although he said Harikeśa sometimes causes arguments. Still, he said that he is undoubtedly qualified to do the work. So a letter will be sent to Harikeśa asking him to meet Prabhupāda in London. The —Hari bol! Hari bol! This is definitely going to change the atmosphere.”  He enclosed hand drawings of Prabhupāda, is now full-time GBC for education. They appointed Harikeśa Swami as Prabhupāda’s new
Chapter Four
gate. The local GBC, Jayatīrtha prabhu, Mukunda dāsa and Harikeśa Swami headed the large crowd of driven by an Indian life member, Mr. Patel.   With Prabhupāda and Jayatīrtha in the back and Harikeśa lap.  During the day he called in Harikeśa Mahārāja, and told him that he wanted to return decision for the time being.  * * *  After resting all afternoon Śrīla Prabhupāda called in Harikeśa preaching is our main line. Harikesa Swami was also doing preaching work and now you are also
Chapter Five
two yards apart; I was in the lead, Prabhupāda was in the middle, and Harikeśa Swami was in the rear . About halfway along the walkway’s length I heard a sudden commotion behind; then Harikeśa Mahārāja tangled up in luggage, noisy threats and curses issued from the demon while Harikeśa reproached him at a fast walk, shouting obscenities and abuses at us. I was amazed, Harikeśa was irate, but Prabhupāda was serene. Harikeśa said that while standing behind Prabhupāda, he suddenly felt that he must
gorgeousness in a secluded place, imitating Haridāsa Ṭhākura—Hare Kṛṣṇa, Hare Kṛṣṇa. No. You have to
Antardvīpa dāsa, Ātmārāma dāsa, Haripāda dāsa and family, Mādhava Līla dāsī and Nṛhari dāsī, Alexsei
Chapter One
respectability in Indian society by renaming them “harijanas,” literally “associates of Hari,” God. But did not reflect the reality.   “Similarly,” Prabhupāda told us, “this harijana movement is a farce because they remain the chamar and bhangis, and still they are called harijana. The same thing. No no hindrance. But they must be trained up as harijana. Not that artificially you simply rubber-stamp harijana. Therefore that movement is failure.”  Advantages in life, he told us—wealth, beauty
Chapter Two
, he replied that everyone should go to Vṛndāvana and take shelter of the lotus feet of Lord Hari that this Kṛṣṇa name does not belong to this material world. Hari-kīrtana is such that, as much as an aristocratic family; just do hari-kīrtana and dance with enthusiasm
Chapter Three
, Thakur Haridas Sevashram in Haridaspur, West Bengal, sent some good news about the land there. On thing. Hari means Bhagavān, and here it is stated, bhagavajjana, and harijana, the same thing. But to contact with Harikeśa Swami but has discussed some ideas with Jayatīrtha prabhu. He wanted to Vrindaban, but I think you can come for the Mayapur festival. Right now, Harikesh and Sucandra are caitanya karinim  snapayami jagad-dhatrim hari-bhakti-pradayinim  “Now I am bathing the mother of the