Occasionally you try to listen to an audio file while on the old prabhupadavani website and the audio player doesn't start.  It is because some of the duplicates have been removed from the old website and are now stored on the server of the new website .  It is not always the case as most of the duplicates are still available on the old website.  But if the player doesn't run, it means that the audio file is not there any more.  Please do not worry because you will get that exact same audio file very easily by performing the following action .  Kindly select a segment of sentence in the transcription of the audio file you are trying to hear and copy it in the search engine.   From the list of files that show up as the result of your search, select the one that contains that sentence segment and starts with https://prabhupadavani.org/.../ and you immediately get the desire audio file.