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These few words are insufficient to express the deep sense of gratitude and debt that I feel to the devotees listed on these pages. In writing and producing this book I have discovered anew that the greatest gift Śrīla Prabhupāda gave is the association of many wonderful and selfless devotees. 

Kānti dāsī and Jack Baldwin, and Mathureśa dāsa and Gaṅgāgatī dāsī, deserve special mention for their generous financial support.  

Dr. Shaligram Shukla,whose meeting with Prabhupāda in Washington, D. C. is recorded herein, was kind enough to write the Foreword. 

Thanks also to Balavanta dāsa, ISKCON Perth, Pauruṣa dāsa, Viṣṇu-mūrti dāsa and Yadavendra dāsa, who all gave valuable financial help. 

The editing for this volume was once again the credit of Riktānanda dāsa and Sītā dāsī. 

Prāṇadā dāsī and Keśihānta dāsa did the proofreading, Grahila dāsa made the index, and Gopīparāṇadhana dāsa did the Sanskrit editing. 

Śakṣī Gopāla dāsa (UK) designed the cover and Yamarāja dāsa the color inserts. Locana dāsa did the drawing for the end covers and Jāhnava dāsī did the maps. 

Bhadra dāsa provided English translations of Hindi tapes. The Bhaktivedanta Institute in Alachua donated the use of their printer for the final output.  

Essential materials and good wishes came from Parama Rūpa dāsa, Ekanātha dāsa, Raṇajit dāsa, Dulāl Candra dāsa and Kṣamā dāsī at the Bhaktivedanta Archives. 

I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have made it without the help and consistent support of my wife Śītala dāsī.  

I humbly apologize to anyone whose name should have appeared here but hasn’t. I pray that they may receive the blessings of Śrīla Prabhupāda to join his eternal entourage.