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To produce a book of this size requires the help of many. I feel fortunate to have been supported materially and spiritually by many selfless and eager devotees in the course of writing and producing this volume. 

In particular the financial support provided by Balabhadra dāsa (Scotland), Īśa dāsa, Mathureśa dāsa and Vanamālī Paṇḍita dāsa (Dr. V. Mody) ensured the completion of the work, and it is with gratitude that I offer them my sincere thanks.  

I thank Dr. Thomas J. Hopkins, a longtime admirer of Śrīla Prabhupāda, for taking time out from his busy schedule to read volume one and the manuscript for this volume,  and then write an erudite and perceptive Foreword. 

I am grateful also to Ātmārāma dāsa, Baladeva Vidyābhūṣaṇa dāsa, Bindu-mādhava dāsa, Bṛghupati dāsa, Carolyn Mobley, Gokularañjana dāsa, Kānti dāsī and Jack, Mādrī dāsī (NZ), Madhusevita dāsa, Matsya Avatāra dāsa, Palace Press, Rādhā Vinoda dāsa and Indranīlamāṇī dāsī, Śyāmasundara dāsa, and Viṣṇu-mūrti dāsa for their valuable help in the form of money, advice and encouragement.  

I am once again deeply indebted to Riktānanda dāsa and Sītā dāsī, who worked many long hours editing the manuscript to make it fit for publication. Babhru dāsa and Nāgarāja dāsa also deserve my thanks for helping with the editing.  

Prāṇadā dāsī and Śrīkanta dāsa did excellent jobs of copy editing, as did Keśihānta dāsa on the final proofreading. Grahila dāsa made a thorough index and, along with Gadādhara Paṇḍita dāsa, also helped with the proofreading at short notice. Gopīparāṇadhana dāsa did the Sanskrit editing. 

Śakṣī Gopāla dāsa (UK) was responsible for the beautiful cover. Yamarāja dāsa lent his expertise for the color inserts and provided much practical advice on the layout of the text. Locana dāsa made everything complete with his beautiful drawing for the end covers and Jāhnava dāsī also worked on the maps. 

Thanks also to Bhadra dāsa for providing English translations of Hindi tapes. Mādhava dāsa, a gurukula graduate, wrote an excellent program, which, along with special fonts, made the entering of Sanskrit diacritics quick and painless. 

We cannot go without thanking the devotees at the Bhaktivedanta Archives—Parama Rūpa dāsa, Ekanātha dāsa, Raṇajit dāsa, Dulāl Candra dāsa and Pūrṇānanda dāsa—for their provision of good advice and materials that were essential to this publication.  

Several devotees went out of their way to provide never-before-seen photos—Advaita dāsa (New Zealand), Maitreya Muni dāsa (Hawaii), Ugraśravā dāsa and Kūrma dāsa (Melbourne). Guru Dakṣiṇa dāsa did similarly with volume one. I sincerely thank them all. 

Sarva-satya dāsa and Kuntī dāsī at ISKCON World Review donated the use of their printer for the final output. 

The unswerving support of my wife Śītala dāsī, her patience, encouragement and provision of suitable backup facilities, such as hot meals and a stable, peaceful, home environment, was the major factor in the successful completion of this book. 

I ask the forgiveness of anyone who I have inadvertently omitted from these credits. Good works never go unnoticed nor unappreciated; it is only my own imperfections that make it seem so.