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I wish to sincerely thank Śrīman Kṛṣṇa Candra dāsa and Śrīman Mathureśa dāsa and his wife Gaṅgāgatī dāsī for their selfless support for the reprinting of this volume. May Śrīla Prabhupāda bless them with his eternal devotional service.

I gladly recognize once again all those who supported the original production of this book:

There are so many devotees who have given me encouragement to write this book that it is not possible to mention them all here individually. However, it is with deep gratitude that I acknowledge the well-wishes of each and every one of them.

Many devotees stepped forward with practical help, both financial and service-wise. Some of them donated their hard-earned funds, some their labor and some provided materials and services at cost or at reduced rates. Accordingly, I want to give particular mention and thanks to the following persons and organizations, without whose help this project could not have been possible.

My sincere thanks go to Abhirām dāsa, Balabhadra dāsa, Bhagavat Āśraya dāsa, Bhaktivedanta Book Trust Australia Los Angeles and UK, Bhagavān dāsa, Bhakta Barrie Jennions, Brahma-tīrtha dāsa, Bhāva dāsa, Bhavānanda dāsa, Bṛghupati dāsa, Danavīra dāsa, Indulekhā dāsī, ISKCON North Sydney, Īśvara dāsa, Jaya Gopāla dāsa, Kārṣṇa dāsa, Mādrī dāsī (N.Z.), Madhusevita dāsa, Mahātmā dāsa (Australia), Māṇḍūkīṇī dāsī and Aravinda dāsa, Matsya Avatāra dāsa, Nareśvara dāsa, Param Brahma dāsa, Palace Press, Sākṣi Gopāla dāsa (Australia), Śyāmasundara dāsa, Tamal Krishna Goswami, Tīrtharāj dāsa, Trāṇa Kartā dāsa, and Viśvambhar Swami.

On the editing side, I can honestly say that without the enthusiasm of the following editors this book would not have made it to print. I am deeply indebted to Riktānanda dāsa and Sītā dāsī, who did the bulk of the work. Kuṇḍalī dāsa also provided willing work at short notice.

I am extremely grateful to Śrīkanta dāsa for an excellent job of copy editing and proofreading, and Grahila dāsa for providing a first-rate index. Jaya Balarāma dāsa did the Sanskrit editing and Kuśakratha dāsa the Sanskrit proof reading.

The beautiful design work is to the credit of Yamarāja dāsa, for the photo-pages layout, Sākśi Gopāla dāsa (UK), who very kindly did the front and back cover design, and Locan dāsa, who provided the art work for the end covers.

I also want to acknowledge the hard work of Āditya dāsī, who made the first typed version of my original handwritten diary in 1977, and Gopa-mātā dāsī, who put it all on computer disk.

Special mention and thanks go to the devotees at the Bhaktivedanta Archives—Parama Rūpa dāsa, Ekanātha dāsa, Raṇajit dāsa, and Dulāl Candra dāsa—who were ever willing to provide good advice and many valuable materials that were essential to make this presentation complete. Bhaktivedanta Archives also did the typesetting and layout.

Finally, my wife Śītala dāsī deserves an accolade for providing constant support and encouragement and many hundreds of hours of labor. She edited, typed, corrected, and advised without complaint, and is as much responsible for the successful completion of this book as I am.

I humbly apologize to anyone I have inadvertently omitted from these credits, and I ask them to please be satisfied with the result, which, I think, is worth far more than my few words of thanks.