A Second Chance
The Story of Ajamila's Near-Death Experience

Is there life after death? If so, where does one go when he dies? To heaven? Hell? Into the void? Into the light? Or to a spiritual world?

This book provides definitive answers to these timeless questions--answers which come from the Supreme Lord Himself. These answers enable one to better understand one's past and present sufferings. They also help one to plan for a truly secure and happy future.

Thousands of years ago in India, the history concerning Ajamila and his near-death experience was related by the great spiritual master Sukadeva Gosvami to his disciple King Pariksit. Their conversation is recorded in the Sixth Canto of the Sanskrit classic Srimad-Bhagavatam. In the 1970's Srila Prabhupada translated this story into English and provided an elaborate commentary on it; he also lectured on it extensively. This book is the outcome of both of those efforts.

In this series, a dramatization of the text is first presented. This is then followed by the narration and commentary. After hearing them, one cannot help marvel over the potency of the holy name of God--and how, by chanting it, one can be saved from future suffering.

This narration is but a drop in the ocean of nectar existing in the form of audio books that have been narrated by Amal-bhakta Swami.  This audio book as well as many others may be purchased as MP3 CD's on Krishna.com, Krishnaculture.com, Blservices.com (Europe) and Amalbhakta.com (for downloads only).