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Tape Ministry and Original Unedited Audio

The transcriptions' section is divided into two main categories: "Tape Ministry" and "Unedited Audio".

A word of caution is imperative for the "Tape Ministry".

The announcement made at the beginning of each audio file is often erroneous as far as when or where the event took place.

Many of the available recordings are incomplete. You might need to search in the page to see where the script of this audio file starts. Sometimes also, the end is missing and there are a few reasons that can explain it. Firstly, the transcripts we find in the Vedabase are sometimes more extensive than the audio files because they were obtained from the original reel to reel tapes.  But due to the audio quality which wasn't always sufficient, some parts of the audio files were cut off and left out when the cassette tapes were commercialized.  Secondly,  when the vani was presented in cassette format, some parts of the lectures were occasionally eluded because the cassettes had specific tape lengths being sold in 30, 60 or 90 minutes formats.

These incongruities are being corrected at the Bhaktivedanta Archives as the original audio material is now made available.  Extensive work is being done at the Bhaktivedanta Archives to present the Unedited Audio from the reel to reel tapes that contain the totality of what has been spoken by His Divine Grace. As of now the years 1967 to 1977 are done and available and you can refer yourself to the Unedited Audio Section of the website to get them. The year 1966 (Tape Ministry) will be replaced by the new Unedited Audio as they come in due course of time.  Please note that it sometimes takes a little while to adapt the verified transcriptions from the Vedabase to fit the prabhupadavani website format.  So they are not necessarily available immediately after their release.  But it is expected that the integrality of the files will have been replaced soon.